Rushing to print or copy important documents. And then you see words pop up in the photocopier screen ERROR” or “PAPER JAM”. It seems that photocopier always breakdown at the most needed time. Here are some common reasons why your photocopier keeps breakdown and what you can do to prevent it. 


Here are the reasons why Photocopier breakdowns:-


1) Wrong Photocopier Volume

Many offices purchase or rent a photocopier based on price or functionality. But did you know your photocopier’s capacity is equally important? For instance, photocopiers have range of sizes, options and speeds.

Every machine has a designated maximum volume for each month. Too much output volume or over-utilized the machine will increase the wear and tear much quicker. 

Vice versa to that, less or inadequate output on large machines will also have negative impact. Ensure to choose the machine that is suitable for the business. 


2) Overheating Photocopier

Photocopiers can overheat when they exceed the output limit or continuous long hours printing. Photocopiers will start to malfunction when the machine continues to operate without stopping or exceeding the designated maximum volume. 

Also, photocopier can overheat when there aren’t much room to breathe. Never place a machine in a tight corner or place paper or overload the paper as the photocopier can’t release the heat that is being produce. 

It is advised to place your photocopier in a well-ventilated area with breathing room in all angles. If you are using the photocopier the whole day, consider to invest in multiple machines to reduce the wear and tear. 


3) It’s Jammed with Pieces of Paper or Dust

Paper jam occur from time to time and can cause break down, however, it is important for us to handle the paper jam. As our mission is to free the trapped paper from the machine, but the components of the photocopier are not build for high pressure for our mission. If we are not careful enough, the components might break easily. 

At times when we pull the paper out, the paper might rip which later cause another problem. The small pieces of paper that is stuck inside the photocopier can lead to further damage and will cause more jams due to the sensor detection. Paper dust can cause problems to the internal of the photocopier. 

Therefore, it is encouraged to treat your photocopier with care by following the manual instructions when dealing with paper jams and dusting your photocopier regularly.


4) Time for Maintenance

 Photocopier maintenance is an important factor as a preventive measure to extend your machine life. It is important to schedule regular maintenance as a preventive measure as it is cheaper as compare to repairing. This is due to the technicians are able to identify any problems that is faced by the machine at the early stage. 


5) Photocopier is Outdated or Past Its Prime

An average photocopier last about seven years. Photocopier today comes with copy, print, scan and fax functions. If you are still using non-digital photocopier, then it is time for you to upgrade. 

Modern photocopier comes with energy efficiency which can help you to conserve energy. Additionally, there are less prone to wear and tear and overheating. It also comes with the latest technology, which can save time and money by performing multiple jobs.

Spending most of the time calling the service providers due to the down time of the machine or the machine that is provided is an old machine and has past it’s prime time. It is time for you to buy or rent a new machine. Contact us to relieve all the headaches that currently you are facing at 03-78422139 or WhatsApp us at 03-78422139 for a NO OBLIGATION PRINT ASSESSMENT/ CONSULTANCY.


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