What GSM stands for?

GSM is Grams per Square Metre. The higher the grams, the thicker the paper will appear. Usually photocopier paper weights around 80gsm. As the paper reaches 170gsm, it is technically known as board.

Which Paper Weight is Suitable for my Photocopier?

Usually it is advisable to use 80gsm paper for your photocopier to print and copy. However, it depends on the machine as well. It is more cost efficient when paper is being use as it is less expensive.

Is it Possible to use Heavier Paper?

Yes! It is possible to use heavier paper for printing and copying. It is advisable to use the bypass tray when you are printing different size and weight of paper.

If you are unsure of paper weight and would like to have more information of the weight and types of paper that would like to print, do not hesitate to contact us at 03-78422139 or WhatsApp us at 03-78422139 for a NO OBLIGATION PRINT ASSESSMENT/ CONSULTANCY.


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