Late for meeting due to slow printing, but a jammed paper which is a minor inconvenience can make you miss a meeting. By taking preventive measures and maintenance will help to ensure your photocopier to have lesser jams hence extend the life of the photocopier.


Here are the tips on avoiding a Paper Jam

With these tips and practices, it can help you to avoid delays that caused by paper jams.


1) Upgrade your photocopier

Still using old photocopier? If your photocopier constantly jams and have problems, you may consider upgrading to a higher quality photocopier or new photocopier. There are other reasons why you should upgrade your machine. With proper maintenance and preventive measure, hardly there will be any reasons for paper jam. 

2) Suppliers of photocopier

Choosing the right suppliers of photocopier is an important factor as it determines the quality of the product and service that is being provided by the suppliers. There are many suppliers that is flooded in the market offering ZERO RENTAL, MONTHLY RENTAL AS LOW AS RM50/month, ZERO DEPOSIT, etc. Most of the time, there are some hidden charges or terms and conditions that is needed to abide the so-called BEST DEALS. But most crucial is that the machine that they are providing is mostly used machine which had been operating for a decade or more which the machine does not have any value. With the very old machine that is being provided, it will be the main source of paper jams and downtime of the machine and others.

 3) Type and condition of paper

 Different types of paper will lead to paper jam especially mixing thick and thin paper together. It is advisable to use the paper as soon as possible. This is due to the paper will start to absorb moisture if it is being left too long. DON’T use paper that is torn.

4) Don’t overload paper trays

Avoid overloading paper on to the trays. This is due to the tray would require space for clearance for the rollers to feed the paper into the machine. By overloading the tray, it will cause the paper not to feed or will feed few sheets which leads to paper jams. 

5) Schedule maintenance and cleaning

It is important to schedule preventive measures and maintenance with the suppliers of photocopiers. The preventive measures and maintenance often included in the lease contract. If it is not included in the current contract, LEASE WITH US!

By following the tips that is provided, it can definitely help you avoid most paper jams. If you are facing issues with your current photocopier, probably it is time for you to upgrade the machine. Contact us at +603-78422139 or WhatsApp us at +603-78422139 for a no obligation print assessment to have an efficient workflow.

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