Data security of a business is crucial as it contains confidential information which ranges from private files, bank account, credit card and the list goes on. You probably have taken measures in protecting your computers, networks and server. However, have you ever thought of security of your networked photocopier? As anything that is connected to the Internet is vulnerable and can be hacked.

These are the main threats that your photocopier face:

1) Theft and Snooping Documents

Documents that is being left on the printer possess high security threat as it is literally inviting document theft. Anyone that is walking by the photocopier can pick up the document by taking photos of documents or scan the information.


2) Stored Data

Most photocopier comes with internal drivers which allows photocopier to store any job that is being processes. When selling or returning the photocopier, documents that is being stored inside can be recovered. Therefore, it is important to erase and remove all tracks of data from the photocopier. 


 3) Unsafe Network

Hackers can easily access to your network. Worst of all photocopier that is lack of security system which allows hackers to easily gain access. Hackers can easily take over the whole system which includes rearrangement of the system, change the settings and the list goes on.


4) Weak Password

Many devices use default administration accounts and configuration passwords. This makes hacker to easily gain the access to the accounts.


5) Unencrypted Information

Unencrypted information transmission that includes passwords, and more to be vulnerable to hackers or modification.


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