There are lots of recon photocopier that is in the market. But buying a recon photocopier is an important factor as it determines the workflow and the productivity of the company.


Here are the things which you should know before buying a recon photocopier.


1) Age of the machine

The older the photocopier, the more wear and tear it will be. It is best to seek out for longer lifespan of the photocopier before you will not able to use it. As the age of the machine increase, the technology being used will be outdated and not with the latest technology. 


2) Spare Parts Availability 

The consumables such as the toners, drums and other spare parts is a problem. After a certain period, the photocopier becomes obsolete and the company will no longer manufacture the toners, drums and spare parts. It is important for you to know if you can still get the toners and drums. 

3) History of the machine

 It is important to identify who used the photocopier before so does the amount of copy count. Copy count refers to the amount of the machines has been used to make photocopies in the past. For instance, the lower the copy count, the lesser wear and tear. 


4) Refurbished photocopier 

The refurbished photocopiers give a positive message that the machine is functioning well and in a good condition that had already been serviced by someone that is reputable. Additionally, you should know the refurbishment process as just having photocopiers to cleaned inside out will not always fix the problem. Ensure that all worn parts should be replaced by the technician.


5) Warranty and Service Contracts

Every photocopiers resellers will have warranty for the photocopiers which usually offers a limited 3-months warranty. Furthermore, take note on what is in the content of the warranty and service agreement of the photocopiers.


6) Lease before buying

To lease the used photocopiers will be a better options before buying it. This is a great way to identify the condition of the photocopier and if it worth the money. Also, the features and functionality of the photocopier is differ in every model which enables the users to identify does the function fulfill their needs. 


7) New features

New models with additional features due to the advancement of technology. If you are buying an older photocopier, then you will not have the exact same features as the new models.


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