Do not panic when your photocopier face paper jams. Be patient and find out the root of the cause of the paper jams. Here are the things that you should look out when your photocopier jams. 

These are the things you should watchout when your photocopier jams.


1. Notice what is on the screen of the photocopier

The screen usually shows you why the machine stop functioning well. The message often comes along with the error code. Make sure to snap a picture or remember the error code. The error code is important for the technician to identify the problems. In certain case whereby different size of paper or tray that is being selected which makes the users think that the paper jammed in the machine, however the reality is that the paper have not left the paper tray yet. Therefore, it is advisable to know the code before informing the service company to ensure a smooth and helpful communication which enables them to solve your problem in a quicker pace. 

2. Always check your network connection

 Have you ever encounter pressing many times of print button but there is no paper coming out? For instance, there is no error code, no light or no print job. Make sure that the cable is connected properly locked. If still it is not able to print, it probably due to the network or server issue which prevent from the printing.


3. Never assume it is always the photocopier issue

 At times we have trouble printing document from certain applications. Never jump to the conclusion too fast. You may try to use other application to print or other PCs and laptops. This may due to the software of the application or there is an update of the software. 


4. Inform the technician the exact problem

Ensure that you inform your technician the exact problems that is being faced. For example, when you attempt to remove a jam paper by yourself, ensure you inform your technician you attempt to remove the paper however not able to retrieve whole piece of paper. Every detail is important as there might be small pieces of paper which block the sensor. 


5. Understand your photocopier language

Photocopier might have more serious issues instead of paper jam. This is crucial as users have to understand common or simple photocopier language. It is best when communicate photocopier language to the service technician. By providing the photocopier language to the service technician, they will know the root cause of the problems and will solve the problems right away. 

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