Are you currently looking for photocopier? Unsure of what models and functionality of each of the photocopier that able to meet your business requirement?


Here are the things to take note when buying or leasing a photocopier:-

1) Copy Speed

 Speed is essential when it comes to photocopiers. It is expressed as pages per minute (ppm). The higher copy volume is made, the higher pages per minute is recommended for the business. For instance, a photocopier is shared amongst 2 to 15 people will normally have a print speed of 25-35 pages per minute (ppm). As the number of people sharing increase, the higher pages per minute (ppm) is required. 


2) Copy volume

Copy volume is the number of pages that the photocopier print in a month. Lower copy speeds often designed for lower number of copies in a month. As the copy volume continues to grow, so does the copy speed. Photocopiers are often categorized based on the usage such as low, medium or high and enterprise use. Before purchasing a photocopier, roughly determined the copy volume that is being made currently and increase it by 20%. This will help you for future growth of the company.


 3) Network capability

When considering the amount of money spend on a photocopier, there are benefits and features that are included such as the ability to interface with customers’ computer network. In general, most of the photocopiers these days comes with a full network functionality. 


4) Features

 Photocopier provides features such as printing, copying, scanning, fax, mobile connectivity, security modules, touch screen panel and etc. With the network connected photocopier, most photocopiers are now able to directly scan to your desktop and email. Therefore, when considering to buy a photocopier, the scanning features can be an important aspect as it can streamline the whole process.


5) Size 

Photocopiers comes with variety of sizes. The sizes of photocopiers mostly depend on the quantity and amount of your printing you required. However, there are some photocopier that save space and able to provide the same outcome. Be sure to check out the size of the photocopiers and ensure to optimize your printing environment.


6) Aftersales service

It is important to consider what if the photocopiers develop problems. Although with the modern technology at certain point the photocopiers need maintenance. Therefore, you should find out what the support contracts covers. LEASE WITH US, if your current suppliers does not provide aftersales service. 


7) Price

 Price has been always the key factor when purchasing any item. Bear in mind that the price not only weighs the potential solution but also the advancement of technology which able to streamline the whole process. 


NEVER take pricing as the main priority. ALWAYS prioritize on the QUALITY and FUNCTIONALITY of the photocopier which is important to streamline the progress in your business needs. Do not fall into the trap where by you bought or lease a photocopier that is cheap which the machine breakdown frequently. If you are unsure of the machine that is provide by other suppliers, kindly contact us at 03-78422139 or WhatsApp us at 03-78422139 for a NO OBLIGATION PRINT ASSESSMENT/ CONSULTANCY.

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