There are many suppliers in the market that is offering photocopier rental. There are suppliers offering ZERO RENTAL, MONTHLY RENTAL AS LOW AS RM58/month, NO DEPOSIT and etc. Pay EXTRA attention on the rental contract as probably there are some other hidden charges or terms and conditions behind the so-called BEST DEALS.

1) Duration of the Contract

 Duration of contract refers to the numbers of years a company choose to lease. Photocopiers usually leased for a duration of 24, 36, 48 or 60 months (2-5 years). The longer lease that is chosen, the lower the monthly installments. 


2) Renewal Policy

Most photocopiers have contracts comes with auto-renewal clause which the contract will automatically extend for another few months depending on the contract. The clause stipulates that you are required to give a written notice of intent to terminate the contract from 60 to 120 days (usually 90 days) prior to end of your term.


3) Early Termination

Due to some unforeseeable circumstances arise which you are force to terminate your lease earlier. It is important to know about the early termination clause which includes the cost of ending the contract early, how soon should you give notice for terminating the contract.

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