Dealing with lots of printing and you feel that it is forever low on toner. You have to seek for the service provider or buy your own toner cartridges. While wondering how much pages that is able to print from one toner cartridge. The terms of 5% page coverage makes you feel more clueless.


What is 5% page coverage?

The number of pages that is expected to print with the toner cartridges might be vary as it depends on what you are printing. However, it isn’t that clear on how vary it might be. If you are printing photos or charts the coverage will be higher and hence you may not able to print as much as what is stated. 

It is important to note that the page yield that they display refers to the maximum number of pages you are likely to print. The benchmark 5% coverage has been recognized and enforced by the Office of Fair Trading. On the other hand, 5% coverage seems to be less, but the key thing is on how the ink is being distributed. Below is the example of the 5% page coverage.

If you are printing pictures in full color, do expect reduce number of pages being printed before changing the toner cartridges. 

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