bmDOK Document Management Solution

bmDOK for Sindoh

bmDOK is a SaaS Document Management Solution (DMS). It is powerful, secured and easy to use as it can scan paper-based documents into PDF documents, upload sot-copy files and image files. With bmDOK, users can remotely work from home or anywhere with secure means of the digital documents anytime and anywhere.

Key Features

One-Touch Archiving

  • bmDOK helps companies to archive, store and intuitively retrieve documents anytime and anywhere.
  • Users can easily upload and retrieve documents from their mobile devices, share documents across the organization.
  • Increasing the efficiency and productivity of all users as it provide ease of adding any documents to their designated folders from the network scanner, MFPs or any electronic documents with just a click.

Cloud Access

  • bmDOK is a Cloud-based model with powerful and robust retrieval platform which is highly extensible for optional triggering to workflow automations.

Optical Character Recognition

  • Converting documents into searchable PDF which eliminates the needs of setting up field indexes altogether.
  • Key in the related information in any combinations of words or numeric that you can recall and bmDOK will retrieve the documents within seconds.

One-Touch Archiving

Scan and archive your files into the designated folder with just one touch
Scan large volume of documents into multiple files with the bmDOK splitter

Powerful OCR

Eliminate the hassle of renaming your files
High compression capability allows documents to be compressed up to 100x
Search for any content within the document without indexing them
Search from challenging files like thermal papers and photos, even if they are upside-down

24/7 Cloud Access

Access your documents anytime, anywhere, even on mobile devices

Store achieved files on managed cloud with failover & high-availability

Control document access with user & group permission settings

Stay threat-free with enterprise-grade security on leading managed cloud resources.

BENEFITS? (Reasons to invest)

Reduce operating costs
Utilize existing office equipment
Eliminate mundane administrative duties
Centralized and organized file storage
Improved, faster and flexible retrieval
Achieve office productivity and business continuity
Improved customer service and satisfaction

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