In most of the people’s perception, they will still use the printer as they are still able to operate. BUT have you ever thought of the cost and the technology of the printer? These are the few reasons and solutions on why you should upgrade your printer.


1. Costly printing expenses and difficult to manage it. 

Small A4 printers/MFP are very much affordable when you are planning to grab one for your business. Few months down the road, you may start to realize the running cost for toners, drums, etc. are actually much more expensive than the device itself.

Reasons: This is mainly due to the devices are meant for home-used or low usage, when the device is being used consistently, or easily more that 500 pages per month, it’s considered over-utilized and hence, the higher running cost.


2. Toner and ink cartridges finished very soon.

Yes, the box of the cartridges show that you are able to print for 500 pages, and yet, a replacement needed sooner than expected.

Reasons: The printing capacity is based on the industry calculation – 5% coverage. Please see the illustration below for the explanation on the printing coverage, AND!, the SECRET about photocopier is that the printing charges are based on per page calculation, which means no matter a logo or a full-page picture that is printed, it is charged at fixed rate.

3. Frequent Breakdown/Paper Jammed

The frustration of not being able to use the printer/MFP when you are rushing for job is totally understandable.

Reasons: There are two main reasons for this to happened. Firstly, the very same reasons as the first point which is the devices are meant for low usage but the device is being used consistently. The wear & tear frequency and cycle are way more than an enterprise-based printers or photocopiers. Hence, the downtime happens very frequent. The second reason is probably due to the next point which is aged devices.


4. Aged Devices

Yes, the device you are using is very old. And here’s a few symptoms of an aged device. Firstly, you are not able to print duplex (double-sided), and have to manually insert the printed paper to proceed the other side. UH-OH!, the output is up-side down due to wrong direction of the paper that is inserted. Secondly, you are using the most traditional way to perform IC Copy, and yes. here comes the most frustrating problem, it’s up-side down, front & back, not aligned to the position or you name it. Thirdly will be the frequent downtime as mentioned in the third point.

Reasons: Technology & Reliability are the keys, from the Operating System to your mobile device or your laptop to car manufacturer, the changes of the technology indeed evolved our life, and so does the printer/photocopier. The rental contract for a brand new photocopier is normally lasts for 3 to 5 years, thus the advice is to upgrade your printing equipment every 3 to 5 years depending on your printing requirements of your business.


5. Not being able to print/copy/scan faster or still using these functions on separate devices.

Again, it depends on the segment of the device you used. There are several segments categorized by the speed of the devices. In layman term, the word “ppm” – print per minute is the key factor to distinguish whether the machine is a light duty or heavy duty.

Reasons: The heavier duty device performs very much faster when comes to printing, copying, or scanning. And by consolidating these functions into one single photocopier can in fact, saves a lot spaces; maintenance and cost for only 1 device from single provider; everything is faster and smoother.


6. Still outsource your printing to printing shop.

Outsourcing could be the best option when you have no such facilities or the said facilities are broken down, or at least, you needed to print only a minimal of documents.

Reasons:  Some of the best reasons to have your own printing device include conveniency, immediately able to perform things you want, cheaper running cost, PRIVACY OF YOUR PRINTING DATA, and more.


Last but not least, if you have encountered any of the symptoms above. It could be the SIGN that your business is picking up and probably the right time for you to invest a better printing device to improve your operational productivity and effectiveness.  

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