Have you ever copy without closing the lid? I believe most of us does it before. Some of us might be lazy when it comes to opening and closing the lid when copying. 

Should we always keep the lid close?

Yes, if you are still using the analogue photocopier. The machine’s mirror will direct the lights to the drum which will damage the quality of the drum. 

With the advancement of the technology, it is only bad when leaving the lid open when copying. This is due to the mirrors and optics are only active during the copy process.

Additionally, when leaving the lid open during copying, the photocopier will consume more toner. This is due to the light does not reflect the light which interprets the space as black hence increasing the usage of toner.

Although the machine is not in use for copying, it is highly recommended to close the lid as there might be dust that will be at the copy glass which might disrupt the copy image.

As conclusion, it is still the best to keep your photocopier lid close and to prevent any excessive usage of toners. 

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