Seeking ways to reduce business printing cost?

These are the top 6 tips for you to reduce business printing costs.

1) Print only what is necessary 

Before printing, ask yourself do you really need the document in hardcopy? By reducing the amount of unnecessary printing can effectively help you reduce printing costs. Always encourage your colleagues to ask themselves if they really need the documents to be printed. This does not only save the printing cost but also the paper as well.


2) Use Print Preview

Print preview allows an individual to view the page before printing. It is one of the most effective way to eliminate unwanted pages especially at the end of document and avoid wasting valuable ink. Print preview also allows you to view misplaced page breaks or too many spaces in documents. 


3) Duplex Printing 

Cut down on paper usage by printing both sides of the page. It is to print more efficient hence saving mother nature indirectly. 


4) Installing tracking software

When using a print tracking software, you will know what is the exact types of jobs and the amount of printing each photocopier handle. The data that is being provided by the print tracking software will helps to identify which users are using the most and ways to improve the printing cost. 


5) Print in Color Only when Necessary

The cost of color cartridges is significantly higher as compare to black ink cartridges. The time taken for color printing takes longer which leads to higher energy consumption. Always stick to black and white and only print in color when needed.


6) Print Multiple Pages per Sheet 

Printing multiple pages per sheet especially for PowerPoint presentation as you can include up to 9 slides per page. Moreover, PowerPoint dot points are often easily read in smaller format. 


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