There are many suppliers that is flooded in the market. You might had seen advertisement which suppliers offering ZERO RENTAL, MONTHLY RENTAL AS LOW AS RM66/month, ZERO DEPOSIT, etc. Most of the time, there are some other hidden charges or terms and conditions that is needed to abide the so-called BEST DEALS.

However, there are some office and printing equipment suppliers can be less transparent when dealing with public. For instance, some might sell machines that are actually older that their promised age, including the so-called “new” photocopiers which have already been used for a few times.

In certain criteria where some photocopiers have not been refurbished to restore them as it is still as good as new condition. Most crucial of all, some competitors will actually use older parts which are from retired machines, whereas Sindoh fully refurbished the whole unit from top to bottom in order to ensure reliable performance of the photocopier. For instance there are some suppliers that did not even refurbish and directly sell to their customers. In certain case, where the suppliers will sell imported photocopier where the age of the photocopiers are untraceable. Addition to that, the imported photocopiers might consume a different voltage which will damage the photocopiers.

The higher price for the recon photocopiers that is being sell or rented out by Sindoh is due to the photocopiers are being fully inspected from the inside out by our certified technician to ensure that the photocopier is at the top condition. Every refurbished unit from Sindoh comes with warranty which ensure the reliable performance of the photocopiers to our customers.

Having trouble with your current photocopier? Looking for a new photocopier? Feel free to contact us at 03-78422139 or WhatsApp us at 03-78422139 for a NO OBLIGATION PRINT ASSESSMENT/ CONSULTANCY.



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