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Our Philosophy

Love for Country or Community, Love for Work, Love for People

Sindoh’s philosophy derives from it founder, Woo Sang-ki, and ither broader concepts in traditional Korean Philosophy, Woo Sang-Ki declared:

“A company must be managed well to create new jobs, faithfully fullfil its tax obligations, create a comfortable working enviroment to gain the pride of its employees.” 

He established the ‘Samae Spirit’ (literally ‘three-love’ spirit) at the core of the corporation’s culture, emphasizing trust in oneself, pride in the community in which the company operates. The corporate philosophy makes Sindoh an extremely human organization, with people-centred policies and a cultured, generous approach to the wider world. Sindoh’s commintment to philanthrophy and the enviroment demonstrate these values most clearly.

Management Philosophy

Global Mind, Global QCD,
Global Market

Sindoh aims to be at the very top of global enterprises with the management principle, Global Mind, Global QCD, Global Market”. 

The slogan depicts the strong will of Sindoh for continuous growth in the age of sluggish development through perpetual change and innovation ; broadening the expansion into the global market while keeping the No.1 position in the domestic market, and establishing profit by securing product competitiveness through innovative and progressive QCD frame. 

The slogan “Global Mind” is to enhance Corporate Competitiveness. “Global QCD” means ensuring the cost and quality competitiveness. “Global Market” represents our volition of strengthening market competitiveness, and based on this innovative management principle, Sindoh will go beyond the best position in domestic market to become an influential “Global Company“.

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