Wondering how is the exact calculation of the toner cartridges? Not able to print the amount of pages that is being stated on the box? 

Here is quick calculation which you will have a rough idea on how many pages the toner cartridges able to print. 

On the box, manufacturer capacity is based on 5% page coverage of toner. For instance, if you are printing 10-15% coverage, the calculation will be 15 divided by 5. Then divide the number of pages that is stated by the manufacturer. Eg. Printing yield is 20,000 pages.



15 / 5 = 3

20,000 (Printing Yield) / 3 = 6666.67 Pages.

With this calculation, it gives a higher accuracy on the amount of pages that is able to print. 

With the difference of page coverage, it makes a differences in the total amount of pages able to print. 

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