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Having introduced the first copier and facsimiles in Korea, Sindoh aims to become the best 2D .3D output solutions partner in the global market. Sindoh has grown through human-centered corporate culture that follows the founding spirit based on love of country, work, and humans, customer-oriented technology as the core competency, and partnership with experts based on trust. 

The information environment on the digital network requires open innovation through intelligence, smartness, and data, and 3D printing has emerged as the core technology to lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Sindoh intends to enhance its future competitiveness by building an office system centered on digital multi-function printers and printers and expanding the business domain to output services such as 3D printing and 3D modeling with the unified efforts of R&D, production, sales, and service.
Sindoh will become the best partner for its global customers by supplying the best products based on the working principle of Global Mind, Global QCD, and Global Market. 

Thank you.
Woo Suk-Hyung Chairman and CEO

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