Having a photocopier which gives you problems and have a long downtime or it is replaced with a new photocopier. Ever wonder what to do with the old photocopier? Lots of people are unaware that these machines contain element that can pollute the environment. Hence disposing photocopier incorrectly is extremely hazardous to the environment. It is reported that the electronic waste, or e-waste has been gradually increasing. With photocopier ending up in the landfills or incinerators, harmful chemical will be release to the atmosphere which includes mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium and selenium which can harm our health. 


To prevent any harmful chemical to be release to the atmosphere, you may consider the following alternatives:


Look for a Licensed Disposal Facility

Seek for government licensed electronic disposal facility. These companies will ensure the dispose your photocopier in an environmentally friendly way which able to meet the legal obligations and enhance the maximum environmental benefit. The dispose facility generally will dismantle the photocopier into their composite materials which later can be recycled and being used back in the manufacturing process.


Donate your Old Photocopier

Another alternative is to donate your photocopier to school, non-profit organization, or low income community. This is definitely an excellent option for photocopier that is still in good working condition. Furthermore by donating your photocopier to schools or non-profit organization, it can help you to qualify for taxes reduction. 


Manufacturer Take Back and Recycle

There are some manufacturers offer programs such as collecting and recycling used photocopiers from clients. With this option available, it can prevent photocopiers ending up in landfills but also allows the manufacturer to reuse raw materials and resources from the machine such as heavy metals. 


With these options available, it is encouraged to recycle or refurbish your photocopier. Don’t let your photocopier end up in the landfills and releasing harmful chemical to the atmosphere.

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