The photocopier or multifunctional printer is one of the devices that is mostly touch by people and being use in everyday to print, scan, copy, fax and others. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is encouraged to take preventive steps by disinfecting the machine. However, users are unsure on the way to clean and disinfect the photocopier in a more effective ways without harming the machine.


Here are the most effective ways to clean and disinfect your photocopier.


1. Turn off the device and unplug the device from the outlet before cleaning it. Do not clean when the device is plugged in as you may be electrocuted.

2. Make sure to use a soft lint free cotton cloth. It is advisable to use isopropyl alcohol to wipe the machine and avoid using cleaning agents that contains ammonia and bleach as it may discolor or damage the surface of touchscreen.

3. Do not spray cleaning agent directly onto the device.

4. Wipe the device using damp cloth gently from top to bottom. Make sure that the cloth is not too wet or soak as it could drip inside the machine. This might cause a major damage and failure to the device.

5. Never use paper towels or dry cloth to wipe the glass or screen of the device as it might cause scratches to the surface. 

6. Make sure that the device is fully dry before plugging the device back in.


Make sure to clean and disinfect your photocopier from time to time as it is best to take preventive action before is too late. 

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