It might be cheaper to fix a photocopier in the short term, but it is best not only focus on the short term but also the long run as well. It is pointless to save money now but spending double the amount on the upcoming months. In the long run, buying a new photocopier is actually cheaper.


  •  Fixing an old photocopier can be cheap for now. However, when the models gets older and the spare parts is difficult to obtained, this is where the price of repairing the photocopier can be very hefty.
  • New photocopiers now comes with energy efficiency whereby photocopiers have low power consumption even during in use which helps to safe electricity. To add on, Sindoh’s photocopier comes with self- refresh and recycle (SRR) technology that is used to prevent wastage of toner while enhancing on high-definition images.
  • Old photocopiers tends to have higher downtime. This ,ay due to the age of photocopiers. With the downtime of old photocopiers, it can cause a business to progress slow down which will affect the business productivity.
  • New photocopiers are made to last. With the advancement of technology, photocopiers are constantly equipped with the latest technology. Hence, the new photocopiers will have lesser downtime and able to enhance the productivity of the company.

Looking to safe money? Make sure to look at both short term and long run. If you are having doubts with choosing new or old photocopier?

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