Often having down time with your photocopier? Want to print documents urgently but technician takes few hours to service? These are the most common problems face by Photocopier.


1. Paper Jam

Paper jams have been the most common problems that is faced by every user and worst is when it occurs during the most unexpected time which cause lots of frustration.

Jammed papers often occur due to the wrong type of paper or thickness of paper or loading the paper incorrectly. Overload stacking also can results in paper jam.

You will need to remove the jammed paper manually and replace the type of paper size and allocate the paper alignment. Take note to pull out the jammed paper slowly to prevent any torn pieces of paper stuck in the photocopier.


2. Lines on paper

When lines or other deformities that is being produced although the paper was in good shape when entering the feeder which makes you unprofessional. These can be due to various reasons that cause these issues to occur.

  • It can be due to the foreign substances that is on the scanner or mirror.
  • Issues with fusers.
  • Malfunctioning drum or developer units.

It is unlikely for you to solve the issues by yourself. It is advisable to contact photocopier specialist that will help you to identify and repair the problem efficiently.


3. Wrinkled Paper

Wrinkled paper will make your important document to look unprofessional. Wrinkled papers are usually result of worn-out feed and exit rollers that leads to jamming and sticking.

To solve the problem, you can either replace trays or contact specialist to repair the fuser assembly. Wrinkled papers are indication that your photocopier undergoes too much wear and tear.

If the issue continues to occur and more problems that is being faced, then it is time for you to consider purchasing or rent a new photocopier. Upgrading your photocopier will be a better solution although it might be costly but bare this in mind that your investment might be worth it and meeting your needs as the technology changes rapidly.


4. Abnormal Printing Colour

Poor printing quality, abnormal colour or smudge can be frustrating to deal with. If the printing results are too dark or too light, it possibly due someone accidentally change the density controls on your photocopier. You can easily reset the density of the photocopier.

Furthermore, the abnormal printing colour can be due to the drum unit that have been used for a long time, or the toner of photocopier has gone bad. Therefore, ensure you seek toners from the reliable sources to avoid density issues.


5. Spots on Page

If you spot the same dots at the same place every time, it is likely debris or smudges on the copy mirror. You can easily fix this by cleaning the copy glass. Take note to follow the manuals and recommendations about the cleaning process.

A more random spots that is repeated in every document could be a defect in the drum. By replacing the drums should fix the issue.


6. Toner and cartridges issues

High chance of toner and cartridges occurs as it is being set up wrongly. There is a high possibility of not using the right toner cartridge as different models have different type of toner.

Malfunctioning, low and empty toner can occur with your photocopier. Malfunctioning problem arise due to either manufacturer error or compatibility complications. If low or empty issues, replacing the toner and cartridge will solve the issue.

If you are using an incompatible cartridge, the print quality will be affected.


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