Despite the changes in the workplace, there are still companies continue to rely on the printers. Replacing your outdated printer with current modern equipment seems unnecessary, however it able to increase the overall productivity and the workflow. Here are the reasons why you should upgrade your printers to photocopier.


Lower Cost

To purchase a printer is much cost effective as compared to purchasing photocopier. However, there is always options to enter into a lease agreement. With the lease agreement, the service provider will always provide free services and consumables (toner, drums, spare parts ad etc.). However, for the printers’ spare parts and ink will have a higher cost. Generally, photocopiers are relatively more cost efficient and have a lower cost-per-page as compare to printers.

Upgrading your printers to photocopier can help your business to eliminate multiple devices which consumes space, hence combining all features to one device.


Higher Efficiency

With the modern photocopiers, it often comes with new features, higher printing speed, etc. With the advancement of the technology it able to improve the efficiency and productivity which streamlining workflows process.


Easier to Maintain

When entering into a lease agreement for a photocopier, it reduce all hassle as you are just one call away from contacting the service provider regardless of any problem with the photocopier. For example, when the photocopier indicates that the toner level is low, you may contact the service provide for them to bring the toners over for FREE OF CHARGE. However, as for the printers, you have to start looking and pay for the ink cartridges.


If you are using a printer and interested to upgrade to photocopier, you may refer below as a guide.

copier machine supplier malaysia
copier machine supplier malaysia

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