Looking to own a new photocopier but unsure to buy or lease the machine? With the advancement of technology which is rapidly changing and updated which includes the photocopiers which had made photocopiers as an important asset in an office. Most photocopiers comes with the function of scan, copy, print, fax and others. With these functions which enables you to save cost and improve the productivity through wireless connectivity, image editing and others. There are always advantages and disadvantages when leasing a photocopier.


Advantages of Leasing a Photocopier

  • Low upfront cost – Leasing a photocopier enables you to determine the monthly budget more effectively as it does not require you to pay an upfront expense.
  • Latest technology – Leasing provides you up-to-date technology, and once the lease expired, the obsolete machine will be the only problem. 
  • Convenience – You do not need to worry about the resale or disposal. Also, you can decide to buyout option if you prefer to keep your leased photocopier.


Disadvantage of Leasing a Photocopier

  • More expensive – You will pay more in the long term when leasing a photocopier due to the interest that is being charged. Furthermore, you are required to pay the full term based on the lease agreement.
  • Contracts – With the contracts, you might find yourself using the photocopier below or above your expectations which might requires you to upgrade to a newer technology. The contracts also depends on how much you are paying. There are some willing to offer ZERO RENTAL, ZERO DEPOSIT by giving you an OLD MACHINE which had been operating more than a decade. Therefore, always be mindful that PRICING determines the value you obtain from the photocopier. 

To lease a better quality of photocopier, feel free to contact us at 03-78422139 or WhatsApp us at 03-78422139 for a NO OBLIGATION PRINT ASSESSMENT/ CONSULTANCY.


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