Looking to own a new photocopier but unsure to buy or lease the machine? With the advancement of technology which is rapidly changing and updated which includes the photocopiers which had made photocopiers as an important asset in an office. Most photocopiers comes with the function of scan, copy, print, fax and others. With these functions which enables you to save cost and improve the productivity through wireless connectivity, image editing and others. There are always advantages and disadvantages for buying a photocopier.


Advantages of Buying a Photocopier

Buying a photocopier means that you own your photocopier outright and it is always cheaper to buy a photocopier outright rather than lease it for a fixed term.

  • Zero Paperwork – It has less hassle as it does not need you to provide details, up to date financial information when you own a photocopier. Additionally, there is no interest to pay for the goods and services.
  • Control – You will gain the ability to do what you want with the photocopier instead of following to a lease’s specifications. For instance, you are able to hire a technician from anywhere to repair it or replace any malfunctioning parts.
  • No Contract – There will not be any third-party providers involved once you bought the photocopier.

Disadvantage of Buying a Photocopier

  • Expenses – Buying a photocopier will be an upfront expense as it is high cost to absorb by certain businesses, especially small businesses. Business with high production incur a higher expense as it requires a higher budget due to the print volume.
  • Cost of repair and replacement – When the photocopiers cease to work effectively, the cost of repair will be high.
  • Improvement on technology – As the technology constantly changing, the photocopier that is being used for few years begin to have problems frequently. This makes you think that your photocopier is out of date. When purchasing for a new photocopier, it is always difficult to sell a second-hand photocopier.


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