Reconditioned photocopier suppliers are flooded in the market. Simply looking for a supplier on the website, you can have offers such as ZERO RENTAL, MONTHLY RENTAL AS LOW AS RM 66/month, RM 99/month, etc., NO DEPOSIT, FREE PRINTING, etc. And most of the time, there are some other hidden charges or terms and conditions behind the so-called BEST DEALS.

Below are the SYMPTOMS that you should consider an upgrade of your photocopier to BOOST YOUR PRODUCTIVITY.


1. Frequent Breakdown/Paper Jams

  • Use of non-genuine/compatible spare parts, and/or continual usage of parts that are required to change as long as it’s usable
  • Lack of regular maintenance services
  • Photocopier is over-utilized


2. Slow Printing and Scanning

  • Older machines may have slower processing speed and hence, the time taken to process printing data will be slower
  • Some older machines do not support automatic duplex (2-sided) on copying/printing/scanning, thus you are required to flip the document manually


3. Terrible & Unacceptable Output Quality

  • Most of the older machines have already pronounced End-of-Life by its manufacturers, hence they have to rely on the compatible market which will affect the output quality.


4. Machine is being noisy

  • Aged machines were built to have a complicated mechanism, and a full inspection is needed to identify the root causes


5. Still using the Analog Panel

  • In this era, the photocopier has improved very much on their technologies, and it is mandatory when comes to user-friendliness. Digital Touch-Screen Panel has most of the features & functions accessible and they are programmable and easy to use


6. Unable to use with your latest Windows/MAC Operating System

  • Aged machines will not receive any updates on their security system and the compatibility to use with the latest Operating System as they were pronounced End-Of-Life


Here’s a quick hint for you to find out your photocopier age. Simply type the model name with a launch date to look for the release date through the website or its Brochure/Manual.

OR Contact us by sending a message online or give us a call or Whatsapp us at +603-78422139 for a NO OBLIGATION PRINT ASSESSMENT/CONSULTANCY.

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